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Root Canal Therapy Process

Root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure to treat infection or damage within a tooth’s pulp (innermost soft tissue). Here’s a summarized breakdown of the steps involved:
  1. Illustration depicting a healthy tooth and root.
  2. Illustration depicting a decayed tooth with a pus-filled sac (abscess) at the root.
  3. The decay is removed, and an opening is made through the tooth’s crown into the pulp chamber.
  4. The pulp tissue is removed from the root, and the root canals are cleansed, shaped, and disinfected.
  5. The root canals and pulp chamber have been filled.
  6. Suppose there is not enough tooth to hold the restoration. In that case, a post may be placed in the root canal to help retain the core (filling) material, which supports the restoration (crown).
  7. After the root canal procedure, the top part of the tooth is repaired and restored.


root canal illustration 1


root canal illustration 2


root canal illustration 3


root canal illustration 4


root canal illustration 5


root canal illustration 6


root canal illustration 7

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